King's coronation: 'Media to blame for focus on Harry and Meghan'

The media have been criticised for focussing too much on Harry and Meghan rather than the King's coronation.

TalkTV's Rosanna Lockwood was joined by former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter, broadcaster Bonnie Greer and former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

It comes after confirmation Meghan and her children will not attend the Coronation following weeks of speculation.

Dickie: It's very much the right decision. I hope he's not a distraction because the media and photographers will focus their attention on him. They'll haul out all the body language experts. I want to focus on the King. It's his day and it's the people of Britain's day.

Rosanna: It certainly begs distraction. People will watch what Harry's relationship will be like with William on the day. On Meghan's decision to stay behind in Montecito with the children, there was no other way?

Bonnie: She made a mother's decision, the right decision. I'm moved Harry's decided to do this. It's very grown up and proper. It's a tribute to his gran who he loved and his father, but most of all his children.

Rosanna: Surely the presence of Harry is going to be a media circus. Is there any way around it?

Jennie: It will be - it would have been more of a media circus had Megan been here. But we've only got ourselves to blame for this. I've said for some months now, if Harry came, we the media should say 'also in attendance was the Duke of Sussex'.

We don't need to go wild about it or bring in body language experts. Of course we will. That's what we do. But we've only got ourselves to blame. There's been so much attention on Harry and Megan. It is rude they've taken so long to answer a very simple question. They've kept us on tenterhooks for weeks.

Bonnie: We were kept on tenterhooks because we wanted to be. We didn't have to pay so much attention to them. This is the King's Day, as long as we allow it to be the King's Day. When Harry comes, he will contribute to it being the King's Day, and his Dad's day. I'm very proud of him. It's a very mature decision.

Dickie: We the media make the decision to focus on the King and Queen Consort, and not on everybody else who is there. The congregation Harry is part of does not play a part in the in the coronation ceremony. Therefore we in the media must focus attention on the big picture.

Rosanna: So is this your campaign to try to get the media to listen?

Dickie: It won't happen.

Bonnie: It won't happen. There's not just print media, there's social media.