Piers Morgan: 'Harry and Meghan joined by love of weaponising mental health and racism'

Thomas Markle told Australia's Channel 7 News that Meghan had thrown him out of her life

TalkTV's Piers Morgan has slammed Meghan Markle for failing to show "compassion" to her father, Thomas.

It comes after Mr Markle said his daughter threw him out of her life, during an emotional interview with Australia's Channel 7 News.

He said: "She loved me. I was her hero, and suddenly I was thrown out. She’s got to ask herself this every day: why am I doing this to my father?"

Mr Markle revealed he suffered a stroke last year that left him severely debilitated. Despite his health problems, he said Meghan had not contacted him.

"If she doesn't turn up for a stroke, if that doesn't move her, what would?" he said.

Meghan's already strained relationship with her father came to a head in 2018 when he collaborated with the paparazzi to stage photographs of him gazing at pictures of his daughter which were sold for a reported £100,000.

He also shared part of one of her private letters to him to a newspaper and did not attend her wedding to Harry.

Piers said: "In this interview, he talks about Meghan effectively treating him as if he is dead. My issue with Meghan and Harry is they preach a lot about compassion, but where is the compassion for this guy?

"They've been joined by a love of victimhood, which is a modern-day curse, and a love of weaponising things like mental health and racism to promote their brand and make themselves stinking rich.

"I am very cynical about what they have been doing. Prince William has gone through the same thing and he has never sold out."

Historian Tessa Dunlop told Piers Meghan's image could improve if she reached out to her father.

"Harry and Meghan bonded through their childhood pain," she said. "They both carry massive elephants in the room, skeletons from the past, difficult childhoods, that we can't fully understand.

"We all know the optics would look better if Meghan reconnected with her father, but she doesn't want to do that."

Royal commentator Michael Cole suggested Meghan's failure to contact her father was "deplorable," considering all his has done for her.

"It's deplorable, and very, very sad. If Meghan looks into her soul, she will recognise her father was her entrée into show business, because he was a very skilled television lighting operator.

"Now we've got a situation where Prince Harry is not on speaking terms with almost all of his own family, and she is not on speaking terms with any of her family apart from her mother and one niece.

"You've got to ask yourself why that is."