'Camilla had it ten times worse than Meghan Markle ever did'

TalkTV's Piers Morgan has praised Queen Camilla's 'get on with it' spirit after spending decades being hounded by the media.

Piers was joined by Princess Diana's former press secretary Patrick Jephson and TalkTV contributors Ava Santina and Esther Krakue to discuss the new Queen's popularity.

Piers: "From Queen Consort to Queen, this represents a long journey in the public's eye, as a royal outsider - often savaged by the media - to a woman praised for her wisdom and 'get on with it' spirit."

Patrick: "It is an extraordinary journey, the opportunity to even imagine something like this just didn't come my way. But for a palace strategist, the job isn't done. 90 percent of people don't agree with the terminology Queen Camilla.

Piers: "This issue of whether she should be the Queen or Charles's Queen consort, it's a big difference."

Esther: "They should have stuck with Queen Consort, I think they are pushing it by saying Camilla is the queen, especially because there's a whole generation of people who remember the Camilla-Diana-Charles saga.

"There's always going to be that wound there, Camilla was the other woman."

Ava: "The one thing I like is the pomp and ceremony and the ritual. So for me, Camilla can't be Queen. Diana is queen."

Piers: "I knew Diana quite well, and I would've loved to have seen Diana's face the moment that crown went on Camilla's head. It's not breaking any discreet secrets, Patrick, for us to say she wouldn't have been happy."

Patrick: "Diana always surprised you. Diana was an extraordinary mature and wise woman in many ways. She recognised that her husband needed this person, for whatever reason.

"Diana was reconciled to that largely. She had a great love for her husband, and if this other woman could have made him happy, she would have made her peace with that.

"She would have had her own life to get on with, and it would've been fantastic."

Piers:" I really like Camilla, she's a really down to earth no nonsense kind of person. She has been a constant rock for Charles. If it hadn't been for her, I would've been really concerned about him."

Esther: "She's also a very strong woman. I couldn't have gone through what she's gone through."

Piers: "Diana would have come to terms with this. I think she knew that Charles's great love was Camilla."

Patrick: "The issue isn't Camilla, it's what happened because of Camilla. It's that total reset of relations between the palace and the media, and not in a good way. It has totally corroded that relationship.

"In order to reinvent Camilla, Charles's office had to import political-style spin to royal media relations, and they have never recovered."

Piers: "That may be true, but there may have been no other way.

"Camilla was savaged by the media, by the public ...It was ten times worse than what Meghan Markle had. Everyone loved Diana.

"When you get into the blame game, actually, they all had their problems. But in the end, the Charles and Camilla love story is a real one.

Ava: "Queen Camilla is the ultimate side chick. It means if you are the third woman who has hung on long enough, he will change."