Piers Morgan: Why Eurovision has become a stain on humanity

TalkTV's Piers Morgan has lashed out at the Eurovision Song Contest claiming it has become a box-ticking exercise in political virtue-signalling.

Piers said the contest, won by Ukraine last year after a public vote, had become a "complete carve-up" where countries vote for each other in a pact.

Speaking to TalkTV presenter Sharon Osbourne and former X-Factor judge Louis Walsh, Piers claimed Ukraine only won the contest because people voted for it out of sympathy.

He said: "None of the voting is genuine, and they'll often take the best song and obliterate it because it's not from a country that's part of their little pact.

"I didn't like the fact Ukraine won it last year simply because it's at war. I'm sure they'll win again this year for the same reason. They weren't the best act, everybody knows that.

"The moment any competition goes into transparent virtue-signalling, it's not a competition. It becomes people just ticking boxes.

"The UK's entry is like something you hear at a Euro trash disco at 3am when they want to kick people out.

"The whole thing is a complete travesty. It's unwatchable. It is utter nonsense and I will not be anywhere near a TV on Saturday night."

It comes as Ukrainian president Zelensky was banned from making a video appearance during this year's final which will be hosted in Liverpool on Saturday.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) blocked the request amidst fears it could politicise the event, saying while Mr Zelensky had "laudable intentions" his request went against the rules.

A spokesperson said: "The Eurovision Song Contest is an international entertainment show and governed by strict rules and principles which have been established since its creation.

"As part of these, one of the cornerstones of the contest is the non-political nature of the event. This principle prohibits the possibility of making political or similar statements as part of the contest."

But Sharon and Louis rejected Piers's criticism, saying the event had become a staple of British entertainment with the winners judged on merit.

Louis said: "I watched the semi-final last night. I think it's brilliant fun. I watch it every single year. ABBA came from it, Celine Dion, Johnny Logan. It's light entertainment at its best.

"I voted for Ukraine maybe ten times last year. I wanted them to win because of what was happening."

Sharon said: "It's cultural! It's very interesting to see all these different cultures and what they consider to be entertainment. It's about entertainment, personality and presentation."