Piers Morgan to speak to Jake Paul ahead of his clash with Tommy Fury

Piers Morgan will interview Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on Thursday night, ahead of his hotly-anticipated clash with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

The match build-up has dominated debate on social media since the fight was scheduled in December 2021. Since then, Fury has pulled out twice, citing injury and travel issues.

Speaking to Piers Morgan earlier this month, Fury said he was confident about the fight.

"I know I'm gonna knock him out," he said. "This fight will not go any more than four rounds."

Jake Paul released a video to his Twitter profile in anticipation of the match.

Pulling no punches, Paul addressed the clip directly to Fury, saying: "I hope you've enjoyed the last few moments of your career. You're going to be retired from boxing after this.

The pair have mocked each other on social media as the fight draws near, which Piers suggested was "trash talk".

Fury responded: "It's the entertainment business, that's the game that we're in - and me and Jake Paul are great dance partners.

"I've enjoyed the build-up, but the real work starts when we get inside those ropes. Social media can't save Jake Paul and his mouth can't save him. It comes down to fighting, and I'm a lot better at doing that than him."

Paul: "You're going to be disowned by your family, you're going to go back to your mother's maiden name (in reference to Fury's half-brother two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury)."

Paul threatened to "decapitate" Fury in the ring, saying he is a "mean, angry person".

He continued: "I'm built different, I want this more than you do, I'm more emotionally intelligent."

"Me winning this fight is for the higher benevolent good of the universe."

You can also listen to the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight live and for free this Sunday night, on the world’s biggest sports radio station, talkSPORT. Listen on DAB, download the app or via talkSPORT.com.