Piers Morgan: 'If you do not identify as a woman what are you doing in the Women's World Cup?'

The Women's World Cup has a new superstar making headlines - Quinn.

Quinn, a Canada midfielder born a woman who now identifies as transgender-non-binary, is the first such footballer to play in the prestigious tournament.

But the announcement has sparked a fierce debate regarding her eligibility and the rules surrounding gender identity in sports, leading some to question her inclusion in the event because she no longer identify as a woman.

The debate raises questions about the intersection of gender identity and sports, challenges traditional notions of gender, and calls for a re-evaluation of sports policies to accommodate trans athletes.

Advocates argue Quinn's presence promotes diversity and inclusivity in sports, and they highlight the Olympic medal she won to justify her participation on the world stage.

But there is resentment from athletes who say transgender and non-binary individuals are getting special treatment and that separate tournaments for trans and non-binary athletes would be a fair solution.

Piers Morgan and his panel delved into the complexities and controversies surrounding Quinn's participation and the emotions stirred by gender identity and sports.

Piers asked: "She's a transgender non-binary ex-woman. If you're no longer identifying as a woman, what are you doing playing in the Women's World Cup?”