VIDEO: 'Capitol riots were staged to cover up election fraud'

Former political candidate Kari Lake has claimed the January 6th Capitol attacks were "staged" to cover up the "rigged" 2020 US election.

In January 2021, after the defeat of Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the US election, Republican supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to keep the former president in power.

Speaking to TalkTV's Piers Morgan, Ms Lake stridently defended Donald Trump, the Capitol rioters and America's changing attitude to US election won by Joe Biden.

She said: "Americans are coming round to the fact it wasn't an insurrection; it was a staged riot to cover up the fact they were going to certify a fraudulent election."

Suggesting more Americans were starting to believe Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump, Ms Lake also criticised the heavy sentences handed down to Capitol rioters.

It comes after former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was jailed for 22 years for his involvement in the disturbances in Washington in January 2021.

Ms Lake said: "This isn't about Democrat or Republican, it's about the way that election was run

"I know it's probably not being played in the UK, but it is coming out every day more and more evidence is coming out about how bad 2020 was.

"The polls are showing that the majority of Americans now believe that the 2020 election was wrought with fraud.

"We don't have justice anymore in America, our legal system is in a wreck and we can't even count on fair sentences for what happened there.

"Here we're taking all of these people, many of them did nothing wrong, sentencing them to long sentences in the DC Gulag.

"We've seen tens of thousands of hours of video, on January 6 it wasn't as the media described it, it was not an insurrection and many of the people were encouraged to go in by FBI informants."

According to a poll by Monmouth University held in July 2023 30% of respondents believe Biden's victory came thanks to voter fraud, while 59% say he won the election "fair and square."

However, that share is virtually unchanged in Monmouth's polling since November of 2020 as the percentage of Americans who believe the election was fraudulent remained between 32% and 29%.

Ms Lake continued on to defend Donald Trump, saying: "President Trump needs to convince people why he should win again, why he why they should vote for him, and he's doing a great job of doing that he's putting his agenda out.

"It's called agenda 47, laying out how he's going to move America forward, pull us out of the ditch that Joe Biden and his corrupt administration has driven America into

"He's going to strengthen us on a world stage, we know that we've lost our footing, America used to be a superpower, and now we don't have the respect around the world."