'I don't know where to start!' Piers Morgan reacts to Sam Smith's bizarre TikTok

Piers Morgan has labelled singer Sam Smith "an attention seeker" after watching a TikTok posted by the star inspired by a popular children's TV show Teletubbies.

Smith, a British pop singer, was criticised yesterday for deviating from his global Gloria tour to use TikTok to promote his eccentric Teletubbies clothing line.

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter posted a video of himself wearing an outfit that included tight denim shorts, an elastic-fitting t-shirt with a child eating an apple on it, and lime green boots with the Teletubbie Dipsy protruding out of them.

In the video, Smith strutted up and down imitating a catwalk, and in the background the soundtrack from the popular children's television show Teletubbies was playing.

In the caption of the video, the singer wrote, ‘TINKIE WINKIE IS GAY,’ followed by rainbow hearts.

Piers said: "I don't think there's ever been an attention seeker like Sam Smith. I don't even know how to debate what we've just watched."

TalkTV's Esther Krakue said "it's kind of creepy, the kid's face."

Piers: "I actually think Sam Smith sits there thinking how can I troll Piers Morgan? I do. I think he thinks I'm gonna wind him up today. And every single time I fall for it.

"I used to love the Teletubbies. Now he's ruined it forever."

Smith is in the middle of his Gloria tour and is currently performing across the United States.

After a few more dates in the US, he is scheduled to take the show on the road with dates that include Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

He kicked off the North American leg of their Gloria the Tour show in Miami on July 25, while he has upcoming shows in Raleigh and Philadelphia.

His return to the stage came two months after the singer cancelled the rest of his UK tour and revealed he was at risk of permanent vocal cord injury in May.

Fans were left in the dark after the hitmaker cancelled his concert at the AO Arena in Manchester suddenly after just a few songs.

The singer issued a statement shortly after coming off stage, insisting he could not go on after noticing "something was really wrong" with his voice.

Sam then revealed he could suffer permanent damage to his voice if he didn't go on complete vocal rest.