'Men tend to be better people' Pearl Davis on feminism and 'traditional' wives

Saturday, 30 September 2023

Controversial commentator Pear Davis has claimed men tend to be "better people" than women.

Speaking to TalkTV's Piers Morgan on the trend for women to return to traditional housewife roles rather than going out to work, she said the union of marriage has changed.

"It's good that we're seeing a return to traditionalism because marriage isn't marriage anymore," she said. "We have things like no-fault divorce, you can just leave if you're unhappy."

Pearl added that marriage used to be about 'duty' and the dynamic of a family changes when a woman goes out to work: "Men are better people than us, men will actually stick things out," she said.

"The modern mentality is 'me before the family'. I say traditionalism is 'the family before me'. Family doesn't work when it's about you."

It comes as divorce and marriage are increasingly becoming a frontier in the culture wars. Feminists reject it as dated while 'tradwives' who cook and clean while their husbands go to work say it binds society.

US model and former actress Emily Ratajkowski recently claimed it was 'chic' to be divorced before the age of thirty.

In a video published on TikTok the 32-year-old mother, who divorced two years ago, said: “There is nothing better than being in your thirties, still being hot, maybe having a little bit of your own money.

“For all those people who are … feeling stressed about that, being divorced, it’s good – congratulations.”

Este Williams, 25, has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers by showing off her 'tradwife' life online and even gave up her job to be the perfect wife.

Speaking to TalkTV's Piers Morgan, she said: "I think it's a lovely choice if a woman wants to simply be a wife and a mother. It's a simple way of living with traditional gender roles. It's balanced.

"Women have already proven they can have it all, but at what cost?"

But commentator Grace Blakeley said that women should not pursue their lives based on the sex that you were born into at birth: "Over history there have been many marriages where people have been very unhappy and forced to stay, it could have been an abusive marriage.

"You have one life, why would you stay with someone who doesn't make you happy?"