'The whole thing is disgusting', female powerlifter threatened with suspension in trans athlete spat

Female powerlifter April Hutchinson told Piers Morgan she is being 'threatened with suspension' by the Canadian Power-lifting Federation after voicing concerns over fairness in competing against trans athletes.

Ms Hutchinson appealed to the Federation to ban trans athletes from the sport after trans powerlifter Anne Andres repeatedly broke all-time strength records last year.

Appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Ms Hutchinson expressed fears that she would be banned from the sport she has been competing in for over four years for her views.

"The whole thing is disgusting. It's disgraceful. It's disheartening", Ms Hutchinson told the host.

"I've been threatened with suspension. Two weeks ago, I received a letter from my Federation, stating that I cannot call Anne a biological male."

At this summer's Canadian Powerlifting Union’s 2023 Western Canadian Championship, Andres lifted over 200 kilograms more than her biological female competitiors.

Andres' total weight lifted across squat, bench and deadlift resulted in a final score of 597.5 kilograms, unofficially breaking the women's world record.

Ms Hutchinson explained: "Powerlifiting is a pure strength sport. Males have an advantage of around 60 to 70% over females."

"It's disheartening that the Federation allows this to happen. I am the one being punished for speaking truth."

A recent 2018 report from America’s National Library of Medicine concluded that there was up to a 60% strength advantage between the sexes.

The interview with Piers comes after Avi Silverberg, the male head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting, declared himself a woman and smashed the current world bench press record.

Mr Silverberg had entered the competition to expose Canada’s lax rules around the admittance of transgender powerlifters.

The bench press record broken by Mr Silverberg of 124kg was previously held by Andres.

Piers sympathised with Ms Hutchinson, weighing in on the controversy.

He said: "I am perfectly prepared to call her Anne, that's fine, but she's a biological male

"If someone would come 6000th competing against men, but is winning against women, there's a problem."

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