Piers Morgan: 'Palestine needs a leader who accepts a Jewish state, Israel needs a leader who recognises Palestinians deserve a state too'

Wednesday 8 November 2023

By TalkTV's Piers Morgan

Today marks one month since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and butchered more than 1,400 people.

Now 7 October is destined to become a date we never forget. Like 9/11, its morbid memories will echo through history.

But as Israelis today look back - in anger and in grief - the rest of the world is beginning to contemplate what else that date will come to represent.

Will it plunge the Middle East into a deadly crisis? Will the simmering racial resentment cause bitterness and bloodshed across the world? Will it nail the coffin of a two-state solution?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given his first answer to the big question of what happens to Gaza when the war is over. It’s a major cause for concern.

This means Netanyahu plans to effectively occupy Gaza, long after the bombing and bloodshed is done. That is a massive mistake.

Hamas says more than 10,000 Palestinians are dead already. That’s 10,000 grieving families who blame Israel and Netanyahu for wrecking their lives.

And as the bombing intensifies, their fury and malice will spread.

There will be no safe or fair way for the Palestinian people to live under an Israeli heel - and no path to peace. Netanyahu must know this.

Last night I asked the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, if Netanyahu himself is a barrier to peace.

He gave a diplomatic answer that was very far from a ringing endorsement.

I get it. Israel is focused on wiping out Hamas. But what happens next will change the course of history. Palestinians need new leaders who accept a Jewish state.

Israel needs a new leader who recognises that Palestinians deserve a state too.

Netanyahu has divided to rule. He propped up Hamas to split the Palestinians, with catastrophic consequences.

Now he’s making incendiary calls for more occupation when tensions couldn’t be higher. I don’t honestly know who should control Gaza if Hamas is wiped out. But I know it cannot be him.