Piers Morgan: 'Rishi Sunak should never have re-hired Suella Braverman. Now he needs to fire her again. This time for good.'

Friday 10 November 2023

By TalkTV's Piers Morgan

The job of the Home Secretary is to keep our country safe. Suella Braverman is doing the exact opposite.

Her reckless disregard for the responsibility of the office she holds is now actively putting people in danger. Quite frankly she is a disgrace to her government.

Today Braverman accused London’s Met Police of “playing favourites” with pro-Palestine protesters, even going as far as to claim that senior officers are allowing them to break the law. She slurs the protesters as “mobs.”

No matter where you stand on the Palestine march planned for Armistice Day, the Home Secretary should be calling for calm - and letting the police get on with their jobs.

Instead she’s pouring fuel on the flames of a tense situation that’s already in grave danger of blowing up.

Former Met chief superintendent Dal Babu said: "Some of the things that Suella Braverman is saying as a brown woman would not be tolerated if it had been said by a white man or white woman.

"I just flabbergasted."

He’s right. As officers prepare to keep the peace at one of the most inflammatory public demonstrations in years, she’s effectively told the public that they can’t trust the police.

She compared the Palestine supporters to Protestants in Northern Ireland; equating her own unionist supporters with terrorist sympathisers. She called an anti-war protest a “hate march” to rile the public.

Now she’s given the green light to vigilantes.

All this in the same week she outrageously said that being homeless is a "lifestyle choice" and that she wants to ban them from sleeping in tents.

For all our sakes, she needs a day off. Downing Street says it had no forewarning of her comments, making Prime Minister Rishi Sunak look hapless. It’s no surprise that Labour is now demanding she’s fired.

Like a lot of people in this country, I feel uncomfortable about the Armistice Day march. But I fundamentally believe in the right to peaceful protest and to freedom of speech.

The minority of people who turn up to incite violence or glorify terrorists should be arrested. The police already know that.

Now the Home Secretary has sent them into a volatile situation that she has made even more dangerous. Braverman has been fired from this job once before over a massive security breach.

Rishi Sunak should never have re-hired her. I said that at the time. Now, he needs to fire her again. And this time, for good.