Piers Morgan: 'Keir Starmer worked hard to drag Labour out of the Corbyn crisis, but the Israel-Hamas war has created a new one for him'

Tuesday 14 November 2023

By TalkTV's Piers Morgan

The misery and bloodshed in the Middle East will never end unless people on both sides can accept some absolute truths.

Israel has a right to exist and the right to defend itself after terror attacks.

Palestinians need a state too with every freedom and every right that Israelis enjoy.

None of that will ever be possible with Hamas, a terrorist group which perpetrated and then celebrated an historic massacre of Jewish people.

That is why I repeatedly asked Jeremy Corbyn last night if he believes Hamas is a terror group and if he believes they should stay in power.

If you can't answer that very straightforward question - what possible basis is there to listen to your ideas about what should happen next?

It is very revealing that Corbyn's longtime friend, Len McCluskey - himself, an icon of the British left - was able to answer both questions very easily and looked like he wanted to pretty quickly.

I actually agree with Corbyn and the Palestinian supporters about many things. Israel has undoubtedly oppressed the Palestinian people for decades.

Palestinians walk amid the rubble of destroyed buildings in Gaza. Credit: SAID KHATIB / AFP

Israeli expansion into the West Bank is plain wrong and illegal. There are grave concerns about the soaring death toll in Gaza, as Israel now seeks to eradicate Hamas.

There can't be any moral ambiguity about Hamas itself. They are a terror organisation who just committed one of the worst terror atrocities in history.

Genocide is written into their founding charter.

If you can't call Hamas a terror group then frankly, I think you're a terrorist sympathiser.

Israeli soldiers remove the bodies of civilians, who were killed in an attack by Palestinian militants. Credit: Amir Levy

All of this matters because Jeremy Corbyn retains a big following amongst left wing people in this country and he takes centre stage at the pro Palestine marches.

In my view, it does him no favours whatsoever.

Left wing politics has long been dogged by claims of antisemitism because it so easily strays into the narrative of oppressors and the oppressed with all the nuances trampled out.

Sir Keir Starmer, quite possibly our next Prime Minister, is facing a revolt over his own position over the Israel war.

He has refused to back calls for a ceasefire. Fifty councillors have quit in protest. Labour relies on Muslim voters and many of them are furious.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, right, and Labour Party leader Keir Starmer at the Houses of Parliament on November 7. Credit: by Alastair Grant

That could make the difference between a majority or a hung parliament or even a loss at the next general election.

Sir Keir Starmer has worked hard to drag Labour out of the Corbyn crisis, but the Israel-Hamas war has created a new one for him.

It is not yet clear whether he has the answers