Piers Morgan: 'What Hamas is doing is genocide, what Israel is doing is not genocide' in clash with Owen Jones over Israel's war with Hamas

Thursday 16 November 2023

Piers Morgan and Owen Jones have debated whether Israel's response to Hamas's October 7 attack could be considered genocidal.

The Guardian journalist and social commentator attempted to draw parallel's between Palestinian victims in Gaza with Ukrainian victims of Vladimir Putin's invasion of the country in 2022.

He said: "15,000 people in Gaza have now been killed by the Israelis. One in every 200 people. If you were to adjust for the population in Ukraine, that would be 300,000 Ukrainian civilians.

"Babies in Gaza are gasping for breath and suffocating. We've had several nurses and patients shot dead. This whole hospital has been described by medical staff as a mortuary.

"Piers, you said in 2022: 'I'm seeing a genocidal monster killing women and babies in maternity hospitals as we sit back and let him do it.'

"You were right to be emotional. Why would you not see this hospital as the same?"

Piers replied: "There is a moral difference between what Putin's doing in Ukraine and what Israel is doing to defend itself against Hamas.

"Hamas's charter is dedicated to the eradication of Israel and killing as many Jews as possible. That is the purest definition of genocide intent you will ever see, and they executed it on October 7th as best they could.

"What Hamas is doing is genocide. What Israel is doing is not genocide."

Health workers treat injured Palestinians, including children, outside the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital 

 Premature babies under treatment in neonatal intensive care unit after being removed from incubators 

An injured Palestinian woman and injured girl at the hospital after the Israeli bombardment of Khan Yunis

On Wednesday Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan said Gaza was "facing a genocide," adding: "I am openly saying with a clear conscience that Israel is a terror state.

"Hamas is a political party that entered elections in Palestine and won the election. And after it won the election, Israel and America took away its rights."

Martin Griffiths, UN spokesman for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief said on Wednesday he was "appalled" by reports of raids at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, after Israeli forces began raiding the facility.

"Hospitals are not battlegrounds," he said. "The protection of newborns, patients, medical staff and all civilians must override all other concerns."