'You're spineless' Piers Morgan tells Andrew Tate he sounds like Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to condemn Hamas for its attack on Israel

Piers Morgan has accused Andrew Tate of being "spineless" for refusing to condemn Hamas.

In the second part of their interview, Piers probed Mr Tate for his outspoken views on the Israel Hamas conflict.

Mr Tate, who converted to Islam in 2022, has repeatedly declared his support for the Palestinian cause.

Piers pressed Andrew on whether he believes Hamas is a terror organisation following their indiscriminate killings of 1,200 Israelis on October 7th: "The UK, where you were born, proscribe Hamas as a terror group."

Andrew responded: "I think you're peddling asininities Piers. The UK also proscribe me as dangerous to children in schools. You're trying to take a nuanced and complicated argument and reduce it down to one sentence.

"I do not condone the loss of human life on either side. I think anybody doing anything which directly damages civilians is disgusting and abhorrent.

"I understand why Israel is doing what they're doing. I understand why Palestine is doing what it is doing. However, I still call the Israeli actions absolutely abhorrent and genocidal.

"I think that when you lock people in an open air person, you're going to have to expect retaliation."

Israeli citizens weeping in the aftermath of October 7.

A Palestinian youth reacts as he sits on the rubble of a destroyed home following an Israeli military strike.

Piers said: "I think it's spineless. You sound like Jeremy Corbyn - fifteen times last week, I asked him the same question, fifteen times he prevaricated.

"When someone does that enough times you know what they really think. You don't think Hamas are a terror group."

The conversation turned to a series of comments Mr Tate made at the onset of the conflict where he lambasted prominent figures for their pro-Israeli stance, including Jordan Peterson.

"I think Jordan and I actually agree on many issues," he said. "I think the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I think we have a lot more in common than we disagree on.

"Truthfully, the only time I've been genuinely a bit appalled by any of his actions was the tweet he made on Israel-Palestine, when he said 'give them hell'.

"I think it's a disgusting thing to do. I've not wished hell on the Israelis. I'm not wishing hell on the Israeli state."

Mr Tate criticised Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro, who described Hamas as a "genocidal institution" during an interview with Piers.

"Ben is a war monger," said Mr Tate. "He has been wrong on basically every single issue you can name.

"I find it hypocritical because a man who's so small he would die if he was slapped on the street sits behind a desk and screams for other people to be annihilated.

"People who have done their own fighting and seen their own violence are not going to be so so smart and so quick to sit behind a desk and call for the death of innocent people. It's disgusting."

Piers was later joined by Andrew's brother Tristan, who spoke on where he and Andrew disagree.

Tristan shared a Romanian jail cell with Andrew as the pair were both charged with charged with rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group - allegations which both Tates deny.

Tristan said: "I don't believe or follow a lot of things Andrew says or does. For instance, I'm an Orthodox Christian. I have not converted to Islam.

"Some of the greatest religious discussions I've had have been with Andrew since his conversion. We sit there and discuss these various ideas but I believe that individual religious conviction is exactly that - it's individual.

Tristan said: "I know we're not criminals. I know we have no skeletons in our closet and no criminal pasts. So, we were very relaxed.

"I always knew that we were going to be okay. Even when I was separated for him, I wasn't worried that he was banging his head against the wall or self harming or doing anything stupid."

"I trained every day, ate the horrible prison food and did my push ups - it was alright."