Piers Morgan: 'Many people coming to Britain are here for perfectly good reasons. The real issue is leaders who scapegoat migrants'

By TalkTV's Piers Morgan

David Cameron spectacularly lost the Brexit referendum in no small part because his opponents promised us that leaving the EU would give Britain control of its borders.

Well, it didn’t.

A succession of tough-talking Conservative leaders have delivered precisely the opposite result.

Theresa May replaced Cameron, after promising to slash immigration with a “hostile environment.”

Boris Johnson then promised an Australia-style points system. Rishi Sunak has made “stopping the boats” one of the top priorities for his government.

Aerial picture showing migrants onboard of a dinghy crossing the English Channel.

Migrants picked up at sea while attempting to cross the English Channel from France, look on from bus.

Protesters demonstrate against immigration and the increase in journeys made by refugees crossing the English Channel.

It’s hard to remember a time when so many powerful people were so emphatically wrong about something that matters so much to the public.

Today’s immigration figures show net migration is at record levels - 745,000 people last year.

As a share of the population, more people are coming to Britain now than at any time in recorded history.And it’s mostly legal!

The tens of thousands of people crossing the channel in small boats is a whole other issue.

But whether legal or illegal, it shows the government has completely lost control.

Many of the people coming to Britain legally are here for perfectly good reasons.

They’re students paying big fees; they’re medical workers in the NHS; they’re refugees from Ukraine.

The real issue is leaders who scapegoat migrants as a problem while having absolutely no clue how to solve it.

It should come as no surprise that angry voters are turning to right-wing populists in response.