'Will you condemn Hamas?' Piers Morgan asks in fiery Israel-Palestine debate between journalists Abby Martin and Emily Schrader

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Piers Morgan is joined by American journalist Abby Martin and American-Israeli journalist Emily Schrader to discuss the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

The pair discuss whether what's happened is genocide before debating the death figures on both sides and how this war can ever come to an end.

This debate was recorded before reports of seven aid workers being killed in an Israeli air strike.

"I believe Israel is committing a genocide", Ms Martin argued.

"The complete siege on Gaza: the prevention of water, food, electricity and aid are all intended to destroy a group of people."

"I take issue with those comments", Ms Scharder responded. "There is a certain degree of complicity with many of the people in Gaza with Hamas.

"Over 70,000 trucks of humanitarian aid have entered Gaza. The reason this aid isn't being distributed properly isn't because of Israel, it's because of Hamas.

"They have been taking that aid and selling it at double, triple the price. So, you can't pin this all down on Israel."

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