'Why Prince Harry should stay in California with Meghan during the King's coronation'

King Charles's coronation is too important to be distracted by Harry and Meghan, says royal author Robert Jobson.

"It is far too important an event in the history of the monarchy and the history of King Charles's reign to have all this distraction. There's going to be some tensions between Harry - not so much with his father, because his father is used to dealing with his son's behaviour - but there's going to be tensions between the family.

"There could also be issues with the general public. A lot of their popularity is gone in the UK. Last time they were here and they arrived at St Paul's Cathedral for the jubilee celebrations for the Queen, there were boos in the crowd. And that was before the Spare book had come out!"

"Spare has done more damage actually to Harry and Meghan than it did to the rest of the royal family, because some of the things he said were completely expected to be private between the family, and they would have been very upset about it."

"After Harry's memoir, there's no doubt the one who got the biggest panning was his brother William. This is a man who has been campaigning for mental health, and he was labelled a bully. Not only a bully mentally but a bully physically by his brother."

"There's always sibling rivalry. I don't think William has a lot of time for his brother, because he's left him to do the lion's share of work for the royal family without any real support, whilst his brother lives the life he wants.

"Good luck to Harry and Meghan, but they can't expect everybody to welcome them with open arms. You're not going to be able to heal rifts when you've got the whole continent of North America between you.

"To hope for a big reconciliation and happy family solution ahead of the coronation is wishful thinking. But as a dad, you would hope your family unites behind you at an important moment in your life.

"This is the moment of fulfilling destiny, and I'm sure the King, like any father, would want all his family behind him, united and singing, literally, from the same hymn sheet."