'Harry And Meghan have hijacked Princess Diana's legacy'

Prince Harry has been accused of "hijacking" Princess Diana's legacy in the US after repeatedly comparing his mother with Meghan.

The prince compared his wife to his mother in his memoir Spare and in the couple's Netflix documentary, where he said: "So much of what Meghan is and how she is, is so similar to my mum. She has the same compassion, the same empathy, the same confidence. She has this warmth about her."

Harry also suggested Meghan and Diana went through the same "pain and suffering" after marrying into the royal family.

Harry also said: "I accept that there will be people around the world who fundamentally disagree with what I’ve done [breaking away from the Royal Family] and how I’ve done it, but I knew I had to do everything I could to protect my family, I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”

As the King's coronation draws near, Prince William has increasingly referred to Diana's legacy, which royal commentator Kinsey Schofield believes is an attempt to 'reclaim' her from his brother.

"Prince William is trying to say: Hey, she's my mother too. There is deep betrayal felt here.

"I side with William. In the States, Harry and Megan have almost hijacked the legacy of Princess Diana and they hide behind it. Prince William is talking a lot more about Diana leading up to the coronation."

In Spare, Harry referred to William as his "arch nemesis" and claimed his older brother forced him to the floor injuring his back during a fight at Kensington Palace.

Sources have suggested Harry is unlikely to meet William to clear the air while he is in the UK for the coronation, despite recently having a heart-to-heart chat with the King.

Royal Commentator Emily Andrews said: "Harry and William haven't spoken since the Queen's funeral. Frankly, William doesn't want to speak to his brother."

Harry has also referred to Camilla as "dangerous" and pleaded with the King not to marry her.

"It's important that he comes to the coronation because his father wants him to. But he is going to watch the 'other woman' (Camilla), the woman he hated and warned his father not to marry, be crowned Queen instead of his mother," Ms Andrews added.

Kinsey chimed in: "Most Americans don't like Camilla and that's because her (media) rehabilitation happened primarily in the UK and not in the US. We don't hear a lot about her unless it's from Harry."