What is the truth about Harry and Meghan's 'catastrophic' car chase?

Harry and Meghan claim they were pursued by paparazzi for two hours in New York credit: Backgrid

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have exaggerated their New York car 'chase' by paparazzi to support their legal battle against the Home Office, according to Charlie Rae.

The former Royal Editor at The Sun added the couple have become a "laughing stock" due to their "constant misrepresentations of the truth".

According to Harry and Meghan, they experienced a "near catastrophic" two-hour pursuit by paparazzi after attending an event in Manhattan.

Other parties involved in the incident, including police and a taxi driver, have challenged their version of events, calling it exaggerated.

Speaking to TalkTV's Kevin O'Sullivan, Charlie said: "This couple are now officially the biggest laughing stock of the world. What they have said ever since they moved to Montecito, their 'truth' is always apparently wrong.

"There is no way you can have a high speed car chase in New York. The average speed is 4.7 miles an hour. That's if you're lucky."

Charlie suggested Harry's war on the paparazzi is being used to his advantage in his ongoing lawsuit against the Government in which he claims he needs full police protection when visiting the UK.

Charlie said: "Their claim of being pursued by photographers is a way to convince everyone that they are still huge celebrities facing ongoing privacy problems and it suits Harry's mantra about the nasty paparazzi.

"But there isn't anybody that would pay a penny for a picture of them in a New York taxi cab."

"He's now demanded the paparazzi agencies hands over the pictures. And guess what they've told him? 'On your bike, we haven't listened to a royal since George III. We kicked him out. And we're not listening to you now.'"