Meghan Markle could earn $1m per Instagram post in social media 'comeback'

TalkTV's Kevin O'Sullivan says it "doesn't sit right with him" that Meghan Markle is set to make a return to Instagram which could earn her $1m per product post.

Earlier this month, an unverified account with the handle @meghan appeared with a picture of pink flowers as the profile picture. According to multiple reports, the account belongs to the duchess.

Reacting to Meghan's reported social media comeback, Kevin said: "What a nice way for the Duchess of Sussex to make her living, plugging cheap products on Instagram!"

But Kevin warned that being an influencer is "the toughest, most ruthless world there is".

"You get signed up as an influencer, and if you don't influence sales within a week - you're gone.

"I wish her well, if she makes millions of dollars flogging shoes on Instagram. Good luck to her. But there's no doubt about it, and I don't want to be snobbish about this, but this is the Duchess of Sussex trading on a royal name to make money, and something doesn't sit right."

Discussing how Meghan should make her 'comeback', after a series of failed career ventures by herself and her husband Prince Harry, TalkTV's Mike Graham said: "Nobody's talking about Meghan's coming back. Because she's not coming back from anything.

"Yeah, she went away and married a prince. And it all fell apart because everybody realised she wasn't very good at anything. And now she's back to square one."

Meghan and Harry have struggled to find their market since stepping down from royal duties in 2020. Earlier this year, Spotify cut ties with the couple after producing only one series of Meghan's podcast Archetypes.

After they parted ways with the streaming giant, there were also rumours Meghan faked several interviews on her podcast after sources said producers conducted interviews with her guests before her voice was edited in.