'The Invictus Games is the best thing Prince Harry has done'

Prince Harry may be angling for a redemption arc for his “bashed” reputation after the release of a new Invictus Games documentary on Netflix.

The Duke of Sussex launched the new docu-series at 8am on Wednesday as it follows a group of service members on their road to the paralympic-style sporting competition which Harry set up in 2014 for injured and sick military personnel and veterans.

Harry was seen at a special US viewing of the series on Tuesday evening in Chula Vista, California, in a move that TalkTV’s royal editor Sarah Hewson has described as “really important” for his damaged reputation.

In an interview with TalkTV’s Phil Gayle, Sarah said: “The Invictus Games is Prince Harry's baby.

“This is a deeply personal project for him and I think the importance has been highlighted with Harry turning up as a surprise at the screening for part of Invictus documentary at a cinema in Chula Vista.

“I think for Prince Harry, this is probably the best thing he has done, this is his greatest legacy and now he gets to shine a spotlight on the service personnel taking part.

“There's also a chance for him to kind of reset relations with the public and remind them of what he does best.”

Before the screening of the new documentary Harry got up in front of the audience and introduced the show, before staying around to meet and take photographs with those in the crowd.

The documentary itself is a move away from the personal stories of Harry and Meghan and focuses instead on the training and preparation of a group of Invictus athletes before the games held in The Hague in 2022.

Sarah insisted: “It does also serve to remind people about what Prince Harry does. His reputation has taken a bashing after spare and after Harry and Megan, the documentary on Netflix.

“This isn't going to have the same kind of audience numbers, as that did and it's not going to be as controversial, but in PR terms for Prince Harry this is really important.”