Meghan Markle is 'conspicuous by her absence' in Prince Harry’s Invictus Netflix show

In the week of Prince Harry releasing his new Netflix show, his wife Meghan Markle is “conspicuous by her absence” according to TalkRadio's royal editor Rupert Bell.

Harry’s new show, Heart of Invictus, premiered on Netflix in the UK on Wednesday morning after the Prince appeared at a special US showing in California on Tuesday.

The show follows a group of service members who are preparing for the paralympic-style sporting competition which Harry set up in 2014 for injured and sick military personnel and veterans.

In an interview with TalkTV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, Rupert insisted: “Harry is very much at the heart of it, and essentially it was his project from day one.

“Meghan is conspicuous by her absence, it's very much Harry's hand on this and the stories that they are following are definitely heartwarming and are the whole point of the series.”

“There is just one reference (to Meghan), when they appeared in New York and Megan's wearing the big red dress, and you just hear their little asides when they're making a public appearance."

Rupert gave his thoughts on the first episode and commented that it made him eager to watch more.

He said: “I will give it seven out of 10 watching the first episode, it’s pretty good.”

The documentary itself mainly focuses on why Harry set up the Invictus games, his experience in the army and how it has affected his life and the lives of other service members since leaving.

This is a change from the stories about his personal life and marriage that have been commonplace since he left the royal family, his previous Netflix documentary, and the release of the book Spare.

Rupert continued: “Like so many service people who come back from areas of conflict, there is always an unravelling, and there's no two ways about it.

“In the first episode Harry talks about how he's travelling back in this cargo plane and there are seriously injured and dead service people on the plane, so it is a harrowing exposition of the war.