Royal PR War: 'Meghan's objectives seem to be very different from Prince Harry's'

Meghan Markle's objectives "seem to be very different from Prince Harry's", according to royal commentator Kinsey Schofield.

Ms Schofield was speaking on a panel with Talk TV's Rosie Wright and royal commentator Robert Jobson about the contrast between the Sussexes and Waleses public appearances this week.

They discussed whether the PR teams for each camp are using the current events as an opportunity to win a PR war of which couple can be the most relatable.

William and Kate have been tackling addiction and mental health awareness. Kate visited HMP High Down prison this week to learn how inmates and their families are being supported through addiction.

Meanwhile Harry and Meghan have been cheering on competitors, shoulder to shoulder with families and fans at the Invictus Games in Germany.

The pair appeared in high spirits as they immersed themselves in crowd camaraderie among Australian fans, watching a wheelchair basketball match at the the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Dusseldorf.

With such a heavy presence in the public eye recently, there's been some speculation about the PR strategy for both of the royal couples.

Asked if the Sussex's appearance at the Invictus Games has been a success, Ms Schofield said: "I absolutely think it's been a success. Their ultimate objective is to not look like they're continuing to fail.

"They've got to nurture this because this is their only legitimate success, so I do think that both are putting in as much energy as they can to make this come off as a success because everything else has really proven to be difficult for them professionally."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the 4th day of Invictus Games/ Credit: Getty Images

Rosie then pointed out that William and Kate are doing more of the day to day work, meeting the public, using Kate's recent visit to a men's prison in Surrey which she attended without William.

Mr Jobson said, "We're seeing more Katherine more solo these days, she was at the Rugby on her own as patron of Rugby then she was at the prison. Solo engagements will be something that will happen more and more. They're very relaxed and very confident in the way they address the situation."

Princess Catherine arrives at the HM Prison High Down, in Sutton / Credit: Getty Images

"I think the Invictus has gone well for Harry. I think he's done very well with that and Meghan too, they seem to be liaising very closely with the local press. They're obviously reaching out, really because they probably need to."

Rosie asked Ms Schofield whether the success they've received at the Invictus Games event so far is a pattern they could follow.

Ms Schofield said, "I wish it would be but we're seeing based on their actions that Meghan Markle wants to pursue the spotlight, she wants to pursue Hollywood. Meghan's objectives seem to be very different from Prince Harry's.

"I do think we'll see him phase out of the Hollywood element and that surprises me because I do think he liked it at the beginning but I do think he's taken note of people's reactions to their work over the last few years in the States and he's going to stick to what he knows."

Rosie asked Mr Jobson whether the Sussex's will think the press attention they have received at the Invictus Games is a chance to get back in with the public in the UK following the pair's departure from the Royal family.

He said, "I think they're more concerned with the public in America and the way things turned against them over there a little bit. I think Meghan is desperate to pursue a Hollywood career than Harry, I think Harry misses part of his old life."