A selection of the Royal Family Christmas cards over the years from 1914-2023

This year, Prince Harry and Meghan's Christmas card that excluded their children sparked discussions across the media, while many looked fondly at the black and white family photo the Prince and Princess of Wales opted for.

Here is a selection of the royal family's Christmas cards over the years of 1914 to this year.

1914: A Christmas card from Queen Mary and King George to the British troops

1942: The then-Princess Elizabeth II's Christmas card to the Grenadier Guards regiment of the British Army

1953: Prince Charles and Princess Anne on the cover of Picture Post magazine on 26 December

1969 & 1979: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's card in 1969 (bottom) even featured their boat

1987: A Christmas Card signed by Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana

1991 & 1997: This 1991 Christmas card (top) was taken five years before Charles and Diana's divorce in 1996. The 1997 card was sent out the year Diana tragically died in a car crash in late August.

2005: Charles and Camilla used this photo from their wedding as their official card in 2005

2012: Charles and Camilla posed together for their Christmas card in 2012

2013: Another couple pose from King Charles and Queen Camilla in 2013

2014: Charles and Camilla in 2014.

2015: Charles and Camilla decided to give their card recipients a slightly more intimate look

2016: Charles and Camilla chose a photo of their royal tour of Croatia in 2016.

2017: Here's the royal couple at Camilla's private 70th birthday party

2018: Camilla and Charles continue to pose happily together for their yearly Christmas card

2019: Camilla and Charles go for a drive for their 2019 Christmas card

2020: Harry and Meghan at their property in Santa Barbara, California, with baby Archie

2022: Charles and Camilla for their 2022 Christmas card

2023: Prince and Princess of Wales used a black and white family photo for their card this year

2023: Harry and Meghan chose not to include their children in this year's card