Prince Harry will 'have to eat so much humble pie' returning to the UK after King's cancer diagnosis

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Tom Bower has speculated that Prince Harry will have to "eat so much humble pie" after returning to England as the royal family gather around the King after his cancer diagnosis.

Charles and Harry's relationship was severely strained following the Duke of Sussex's decision to step down as a working royal in 2020 and air a catalogue of grievances against the monarchy and members of his family in a series of interviews.

Commentators have expressed hopes that Harry's decision to rush to the King’s side from LA following his cancer diagnosis is testament to the bonds that remain between the two men.

Speaking to TalkTV's Ian Collins, Royal biographer Tom Bower dashed hopes of reconciliation, claiming he does not see any sign of forgiveness from the Royal family towards Harry.

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He said: "I don't see how Camilla, who was described by Harry as 'vicious' in his book, and Kate and William, who were unbelievably traduced in the Opera Winfrey interviews, can ever forgive him.

"In returning to England, Harry is going to have to eat so much humble pie."

Mr Bower suggested Harry's behaviour could be dictated by Meghan who has "no interest in reconciliation" with the Royals.

"Megan doesn't believe in reconciliation," he said. "Look at her appalling relationship with her father. She's a hard, hard nut to crack.

"Harry has come to the UK because his father asked him to. But I don't see any sign of forgiveness from the other members of the family for the terrible lies and disloyalty which Harry has shown."