Bill Maher debates Piers Morgan on woke culture, free speech and the world going 'nuts'

Piers Morgan sat down with US chat show host and comedian Bill Maher to debate woke culture, US politics, and whether the world is going mad.

Piers: Is the world going nuts?

Bill: The world is absolutely going nuts. The problem with the Left is that the people in the centre who don't even believe what the fringe believe, don't stand up to them. So it's very bad for Democrats.

We don't like Donald Trump either, we just see him as a bulwark against something that's even nuttier! People in America don't vote for who they like, they vote for who they hate the least.

Piers: Where are you with free speech? As a comedian and a host, comedy has never been under more attack.

Bill: What we comedians are afraid of is not being attacked physically on stage, we're afraid of being attacked on Twitter and being cancelled.

Piers: Have we lost the ability as a society to accept being offended?

Bill: Yes of course. Comedy has to find where the line is. Apparently teenagers find the line and decide everything in this country. Teenagers are the ones who fill social media with condemnation, because they were raised wrong, with a sense of entitlement, and with the sense that anything that causes them the least amount of discomfort can not be tolerated.

So when they scream and cry, nobody says anything. Where are the people to push back? Most of Democrats and liberals in this country like me, like this kind of stuff. But they don't shout it down. The problem is nobody ever gets cancelled for being too woke.

So you can say the craziest things, like men can have babies, nobody will say anything, they'll just fall in line. It's intellectual cowardice.

Piers: But it comes from a place of reality, that fear. Because they see people around them literally getting cancelled, getting shamed, abused and hounded out of jobs.

Bill: I can't count the number of stories I've covered on the show professors of colleges, which are supposed to be the bastions of free speech, who said something that was just an opinion, that was different.

They have no sense of nuance, they have no sense of context, they just know certain buzzwords are off limits. And since social media is just a bunch of mean girls, it's not really about making the world better. It's not really very often about social justice, it's about let's catch somebody at something. It's so obnoxious.

Liberalism is about lifting people up, not catching people.