Julia Hartley Brewer's furious row with Extinction Rebellion

TalkTV's Julia Hartley Brewer has clashed with Extinction Rebellion after it threatened a wave of direct action protests unless its climate change demands are met.

The group says that unless the Government ends licences for new fossil fuel projects and creates climate change citizens' assemblies it will step up its disruptive campaign in “new and inventive ways”.

Activists are preparing to stage four days of action called The Big One in Westminster and outside the Houses of Parliament next weekend unless the demands are met.

The London Marathon may be disrupted although its organisers say the activist group has told them it does not want this to happen.

Extinction Rebellion spokesman Etienne Stott told Julia the public had been excluded from the climate change debate.

"Ordinary people's voices are not being heard, when decisions that affect all of us and all to come are being made," he said.

"We have to end the fossil fuel era otherwise, we're going to end our civilization. These are not my words, they're the words of the United Nations.

"People in parts of the world that have suffered the effects of extreme weather know we need to end the fossil fuel era rapidly, carefully and with a sensible plan. We can't just switch it off rapidly. We're talking about fair, sensible plan."

Julia suggested Mr Stott's was talking "nonsense".

"Rapidly and carefully don't always go well together," she said. "Are you aware of what an end to the fossil fuel era means? It means an end to life as we know it and going back to living very meagre, poor, cold lives."

Mr Stott argued technology exists for a "careful" switch to renewable energy: "We need to do the engineering now (for energy storage) and to reduce the amount of energy we'll be using.

"If we reached an increase of 1.5 degrees, the predictions and all the evidence points to a collapse of our economy."

Julia countered: "This is where it's irresponsible. People like you, Greta Thunberg; this is scaremongering and an absolute lie. What's going to happen at five o'clock on Monday when the government doesn't meet your demands?"

Mr Stott replied: "People are going to realise the Government needs to held to account. In a democracy, they should be listening to concerns."