Piers Morgan: 'We have now reached the Age of Entitlement'

Piers Morgan explains why the "Age of Entitlement" is taking us down an avenue of limitless insanity.

"The Age of Enlightenment was a period of history when the world's biggest brains began to reject superstition for logic and reason. We've now reached the Age of Entitlement, in which the world's biggest brains defy logic and behave very unreasonably."

"Take the children at a prestigious girls' school who staged a placard-waving protest against a teacher who said 'Good afternoon, girls'.

"That teacher was forced issue a grovelling apology, according to an interview she gave to the Mail on Sunday. She's apparently under threat of disciplinary action, because the girls - who, remember, are attending a girls school, objected to being called - girls.

"I guess some of them want to become boys, in which case they should maybe be at a boys school.

"They are not entitled to undermine the authority of the teachers in the school to pursue their own social causes.

"And take the plus-sized influencer Jaelynn Chaney who made global headlines after claiming fat people are entitled to extra seats on planes, because they're so fat.

"She said 'All plus-sized passengers should be provided with an extra free seat, or even two or three seats depending on their size, to accommodate their needs and ensure their comfort during the flight.'

"Look Jaelynn, you can have 10 extra seats. But you have to pay for them. Why should you be entitled to special treatment, raising the cost of travel for everybody else, because you're obese?

"Maximum self-entitlement, zero self-accountability."

"Trump-appointed court judge Stuart Kyle Duncan has been heckled by students at Stanford University, one of the top universities in the world, where students are so high on the fumes of their own self-importance, they felt entitled to heckle a visiting judge because they didn't like his politics.

"The scourge of limitless entitlement takes us down avenues of limitless insanity. It means we have honest jobs we can't fill, but a generation of wastrels who want to be paid for posting photographs of their lunch.

"It leads to the ludicrous race-baiting idea that every white person should pay compensation to every black person because of the evils of history. It means we give out medals to kids who come last, just because they tried.

"And the parents of those children then demand they are awarded better grades, literally just because they are paid to be there.

"Unfortunately during a cost-of-living crisis, there's a certain number of these people who think the world owes them a favour. But fortunately, the rest of us are also entitled to call them out for it."