Julia Hartley Brewer's furious clash with food justice campaigner

Julia Hartley Brewer and Lucy Antal speaking on TalkTV

Julia Hartley Brewer and Lucy Antal

Julia Hartley Brewer got into a furious row with a food campaigner as supermarkets limit purchases of some fruit and vegetables due to rising costs.

It comes as supermarkets face a shortage of tomatoes after bad weather in Europe and Africa disrupted supplies.

Asda introduced a limit on tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, salad bags, broccoli, cauliflower and raspberries, after bad harvest hits supplies.

Shoppers across the country have been sharing their frustration on social media after being unable to find tomatoes at their local stores.

Lucy Antal, from food justice organisation Feedback, said it was selfish of shoppers to expect to buy whatever food they want at any time.

"You've got to think about the consequences," she said.

But Julia retorted: "I live in a first world country in the twenty-first century. I expect to be able to buy whatever I want, whenever I want, all the time. Shouldn't we have that right."

"No we shouldn't! That's something we've been conditioned by supermarkets to expect," Ms Antal replied.

Pressing Ms Antal on what she means by sustainability, Julia said in jest: "What you want is less choice and more shortages?"

Ms Antal argued it's about choosing food practically based on seasonality to slow down climate change rather than restricting food choice all together.

"Actually it tastes better and is also going to be not as expensive because that's the prime time for it to be available," she said.

"If you have any sort of moral centre you need to think a little bit about the consequences of your food choices," she added referring to the cost of energy, water production and low wages for people producing the food.

But Julia was resolute, responding: "We already saw a jump in energy cost because of people like you saying we need to be worried about climate change and not have reliable affordable secure energy from fossil fuels and nuclear!"