Tuesday's newspaper front pages

The Sun

The Sun's royal photographer Arthur Edwards says Prince Harry will bitterly regret walking away from royal duties when he sees the official Coronation Day photo of people who do their bit to help his dad.

The Times

The Times says the King described the nation’s support for him as the “greatest possible coronation gift” as official portraits to mark the ceremony were released by Buckingham Palace.

The Daily Telegraph

The Telegraph says the Duke of Sussex visited Buckingham Palace during his brief trip to Britain for the Coronation, slipping in and out of the monarchy’s headquarters briefly without seeing the Royal family.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail says Prince Harry spent less than half an hour at the Palace after the Westminster Abbey service before travelling to Heathrow Airport to return to the United States to be with his wife Meghan and their children on Saturday.

The Daily Express

The Daily Express says King Charles and Camilla have surprised royal fans by releasing four official portraits from the Coronation.

The Mirror

The Mirror says while King Charles appeared to be the image of royalty in his full regalia, eagle-eyed fans spotted some more understated elements in the traditional portraits released to mark his Coronation.

The i

The i says despite the best efforts of the weather gods to rain on Britain’s constitutional parade on Saturday, the three-day regal cavalcade was held to have met its ambitions.