Caught on camera: Starbucks sacks employee who accused customer of transphobia

Starbucks has sacked an employee after video emerged of them accusing a customer of being transphobic for failing to use their preferred pronouns.

A clip circulating on social media at the weekend shows the member of staff arguing with the customer and ordering her to leave the branch in Southampton.

The customer says: "Don't ever call me transphobic! Ever! You do not know me. I want a refund!"

Referring to the customer as 'Karen' pejorative slang for an entitled, complaining white woman, the employee replies: "You're calling me a man! You are being transphobic, Karen, now get out!" while gesturing for her to leave and accusing her of trespassing.

The confrontation was filmed by a man who can be heard on the video saying: "Apparently, we said something transphobic," before the employee storms over and knocks his phone out of his hand.

Starbucks received condemnation from several users on Twitter after the footage was shared, with many tagging the coffee shop's Twitter handle and demanding an explanation.

TalkTV contributor Oli London posted the video on Twitter, saying: "Transgender Starbucks Employee screams at woman for misgendering him, then proceeds to violently assault a man filming the altercation. Is this an acceptable way for staff to behave @StarbucksUK?"

Women's-rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen also shared the clip and tweeted: "Which branch is this? We should all go."

Some transgender Starbucks employees in the US have posted videos on TikTok to claim they are regularly misgendered by customers, expressing fear the could be casked if they complain.

A Starbucks spokesman said: "The licensee has confirmed that the partner (employee) no longer works at the company. Starbucks has no tolerance for behaviour of this kind and we are very sorry for the experience that this customer had."