Caught on camera: Six injured after ventilation system collapses in Colorado

Video filmed by Jamie Olsen after the collapse showing some of the injured being cared for

Six people were injured when a ventilation system collapsed at an indoor pool in a resort in Aurora, Colorado.

Between 50-100 guests were inside the Gaylord Rockies Resort aquatics centre at the time of the collapse, according to Aurora Fire and Rescue.

Eight firefighters were already at the resort on Saturday morning to conduct training, which allowed for a fast response.

Jamie Olson and her son were at the pool when the incident happened. She said her son moved away just before the collapse.

She told Fox 31 she treated a young girl who was seriously injured: "It was a devastating experience. Canon was grabbing towels and the staff was doing the best they could to.

'We had to help this little girl and we all worked together to make sure she was stable until paramedics arrived.

"That section of the pipe was right where my son was sitting. He was right next to the poor, sweet girl who got injured."

Two of the injured with life-threatening injuries were taken to hospital.

Speaking to journalists later, Aurora Fire Chief Alec Oughton said: "There will be an investigation, that'll be all the Gaylord's responsibility. It's not a fire department investigation but I know they have an interest in looking into what happened and getting to the bottom of it."