David Starkey: 'The Left attack Jews because they are jealous of the Holocaust'

Historian Dr David Starkey has said "left-wing activists" are critical of Jews because they are "jealous" of the Holocaust.

Speaking at the National Conservativism conference in London, he claimed groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) wanted to substitute the moral primacy of the Holocaust with slavery to wield its legacy as a weapon against Western culture.

“This is why Jews are under such attack from the left. There’s jealousy, fundamentally, of the moral primacy of the Holocaust and a determination to replace it with slavery.”

To applause from delegates, Mr Starkey suggested BLM cared little about black lives at all.

“Movements like critical race theory and Black Lives Matter are not what they pretend to be. They are attempts at destroying the entire legitimacy of the Western political and cultural tradition.

“The idea that they are there to defend black lives is a preposterous notion. They do not care about black lives, they only care about the symbolic destruction of white culture. We have to be absolutely clear about this.”

He added: “The narrative of Black Lives Matter is that Western culture and Anglo-American culture in particular are fundamentally morally defective, they are characterised by the mark of Cain and their strategy is to do exactly what was done to German culture because of Nazism and the Holocaust.”

The historian's comments were condemned by Daniel Sugarman, the public affairs director at the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

He tweeted: "The Board of Deputies supports the building of a Holocaust Memorial by Westminster AND a permanent memorial to the victims of Transatlantic Slavery.

"Such pathetic attempts to drive a wedge between communities will not work."

Dr Starkey, an expert on Tudor history, has previously been criticised for comments about race and BLM.

In a podcast with commentator Darren Grimes in June 2020, he claimed that slavery was not an act of genocide because of the existence of "so many damn blacks" in Africa and Britain.

The episode was deleted after Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, which Dr Starkey attended, described his comments as "indefensible".