Mother of son stabbed to death warns knife crime has become 'like a world war'

Knife crime in Britain is spiralling out of control and has become like something out of a world war, according to a mother whose son was stabbed to death.

Pastor Lorraine Jones, whose son Dwayne was killed with a sword while trying to stop a fight in Brixton in 2014, warned that the latest statistics confirm Rishi Sunak needs to do more to tackle the problem.

Speaking to TalkTV's Jeremy Kyle, she said: "Just a few weeks ago, a beautiful young lady, just 31, on her way to buy a present for her mother, was stabbed to death just across the road from where my son was killed.

"This is spiralling out of county lines and gang warfare," Pastor Jones said. "Members of a society who are broken down mentally and emotionally during a cost-of-living crisis could be asked for money, and if you haven't got it, your life is going to be taken."

Statistics reveal there were 19,292 offences involving knives and offensive weapons for the year ending December 2022.

London remains the city with the highest number of recorded knife crimes (3,886), followed by Manchester (1,085) and the West Midlands (1,053).

The data also shows a 56% rise in knife crime in rural towns, and a 116% increase in suspended sentences since 2012.

Jeremy said: "I find it tragic that through impoverishment or lack of education, the first choice is to go and get a knife. Why aren't parents saying this is not the way forward?"

Pastor Jones replied: "Parents like myself that have lost their children are really heartbroken and distraught that our Rishi Sunak is not taking a public approach to this.

"I remember when Theresa May was in power and we called it out as a state of emergency. A number of parents marched to Downing Street and she called for a round-table discussion.

"We're not seeing any emergency response from the top and unless that happens we're going round and round in circles."

A court anonymity order was recently lifted allowing Huddersfield killers Jakele Pusey, 15, and his cousin Jovani Harriott, 17, to be identified.

Jakele Pusey, 15 (left) and Jovani Harriott, 17 (right), were named as the killers of Khayri Mclean, 15, after a court anonymity order was lifted

The teenagers murdered Khayri Mclean, 15, as he walked home from school and were jailed for life.

Pastor Jones said: "It's worse than the Wild West. It's like a world war out there. We need to answer the cries to the community.

"My youngest son is 18 years old. He's a footballer. He was born in Angel Town, he lost his brother in Brixton, he works relentlessly with his sport.

"My sons are not carrying a knife. It's sad, but it's the minority that are doing this.

"We are failing thousands and thousands of children, black children as well, in the opportunities that they should have."

Jeremy asked: "What about the deterrent? Does it not need to be stronger?"

Pastor Jones replied: "Even if it is, what's happening in those prisons?

"We've got to think about those that are going to be released from prison. Unless there is restorative justice in the prison, they are coming out worse, because it's another world in there.

"I go into the prisons, and it's live or die. It's relentless. These individuals need intervention otherwise they're coming out a time bomb, and things are going to escalate and get worse."