Julia Hartley-Brewer's epic clash with vegan

<strong>Julia Hartley Brewer clashed with Plant-Based Universities Organiser Nathan McGover</strong>n

Julia Hartley-Brewer has clashed with vegan campaigner Nathan McGovern after students voted for vegan catering.

Cambridge University student union voted for an all-vegan menus across its central catering services following lobbying from Mr McGovern's Plant Based Universities campaign.

Julia said the vote was imposing, unrepresentative, and lacked scientific evidence.

She asked: "Which students voted? Is it just the Cambridge University students union? Everyone else, frankly, is in the bar or writing an essay."

"Why do you have to impose your moral views on other people?" Julia pressed.

Mr McGovern said the vote was won by a 55-percent majority and would not affect college catering that makes up the majority of campus food: "That is a very clear mandate."

He added the campaign is founded on science supporting the theory that plant-based food is necessary for sustainability.

"There's no evidence for that!" Julia retorted. "We now produce more food, for more people. It's absolute nonsense to say we need to stop eating meat to maintain our food supply."

"We can disagree all day on climate emergencies, but if we just talk about efficiency, a food system that relies on animals makes no sense whatsoever" McGovern countered.

"We're omnivores! The teeth at the front are for ripping flesh!" Julia jabbed.

But McGovern is quick to respond that only 40 percent of our protein comes from animals.