Monday's newspaper front pages: Suella Braverman under pressure

These are the stories making a splash on today's national newspaper front pages.

The Sun

The Sun says Phillip Schofield is "completely broken" by his axing from ITV's This Morning.

The Times

The Times says NHS patients will be encouraged to use the NHS app to choose treatment in private hospitals as the government sets out plans to cut waiting lists.

The Daily Mirror

Labour is demanding an investigation into Suella Braverman's speeding ticket, says the Mirror.

The Daily Telegraph

The Telegraph says allies of Suella Braverman fear she is the victim of a smear campaign amid a battle over her plans to cut net migration.

The Daily Express

A people smuggler has claimed Europe is "getting rid" of migrants by sending tens of thousands of people to Britain, says The Express.

The Guardian

The Guardian says Rishi Sunak is under pressure to launch an investigation into whether Suella Braverman broke the ministerial code by requesting a private speed awareness course.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail says drug driving has become more prevalent than drink driving, according to a police report.