Should a Labour MP be encouraging chants of 'F*** the Tories'?

A Labour MP has been criticised for encouraging festival goers to chant "Fuck the Tories".

Charlotte Nichols tweeted at the Neighbourhood Weekender festival in Warrington: "I can't lie, I absolutely LOVE to see it!"

TalkTV's Mike Graham reminded the MP for Warrington North of comments she made last year claiming online abuse can lead to consequences in real life.

Ms Nichols was physically assaulted last year and had someone turn up to her office with a knife, which led her to say online abuse she had experienced led to consequences in real life.

But the Labour MP told Mike a "generic chant about a political Party is not part of that kind of toxicity."

"I don't think it can be considered an incite of violence", she added.

Several other Twitter users also accused Ms Nichols of hypocrisy regarding her festival tweet. Journalist Ben Obese-Jecty quoted her earlier comments about online safety and tweeted: "To now see her whip up this hostility is incredibly crass."

Ms Nichols told Mike that he should consider why people in Warrington are chanting 'F*** the Tories' at the moment, citing sewage problems and rising demands on food banks in the town.

But Mike said he is not surprised young people at a pop concert are chanting that: "I'm not having a go at them, I'm having a go at you for endorsing it", he said.

"I would expect somebody in your position to be a bit more responsible", he added.

The Warrington North MP said "I love the fact that people are blaming who is responsible for their problems, rather than scapegoating people who aren't responsible, which the government has been trying to get them to do.

"It's generic chanting about a political party who are in government and have given people every reason to hate them."

Mike asked: "So you think people should hate the Tories?", to which Charlotte replied, "I think people should hate the Government."

Mike said he felt that was an "extraordinary position" for a democratic politician to have.

He added: "It's not rational to hate a political party. Isn't it hate speech to say you hate the Tories? Why can't you just disagree with what they have done, why do you have to hate them?"

Ms Nichols replied: "People in Warrington have a totally understandable and legitimate right to hate the Tories."