'Rishi Sunak has six months to solve the migrant crisis or be wiped out at the election'

Kevin O'Sullivan: 'We need to see the boats stopped on French beaches'

By TalkTV presenter Kevin O'Sullivan

Migrants crossing the Channel illegally in dangerous dinghies ready to be embraced by the lunacy of Britain’s barmy invitation to the world… come one, come all and stay as long as you like.

Amid this mounting madness, advisors have warned Rishi Sunak he has six months to solve the crisis or he is doomed to a wipe-out defeat at the next election.

That much is surely true. But for all his theatrical determination and tough talking announcements, what chance does the Prime Minister realistically have of stopping the boats in six months, or ever for that matter?

Admittedly, a slightly better chance than his predecessor Boris Johnson, who was worse than useless on an issue that really matters to millions of long-suffering Brits who want sovereign borders and an end to this unsustainable migrant influx.

If Sunak believes that his recent mysterious agreement to hand the French a staggering half a billion pounds to patrol their own beaches is going to work, why is he simultaneously unveiling plans to billet thousands of migrants in disused airbases and on a vast floating sea barge?

This isn’t a permanent solution to the migrant crisis, it’s a temporary solution to the fast-growing accommodation problem. A defeatist acceptance that since we can’t stop them coming, we’ve got to put them somewhere.

With nearly 500 migrant-packed hotels all over the country costing taxpayers seven million quid a day, all Rishi and his besieged gang are doing is trying to reduce the eye-watering nightly bill. Our dear leader insists that under his five point plan, all illegal migrants will be swiftly processed and refused permission to remain.

So, then what happens? They’re returned to France, from whence nearly all of them came? Not possible. Because despite pocketing Britain’s £500m cheque, Monsieur Macron continues to say NON to taking back the migrants who set sail from France’s northern shores. In other words, we’re stuck with them.

'There’s the Rwanda scheme!' they cry, under which asylum-seeking rejects will be flown to East Africa to consider their options. Great, when? When is this much-talked about initiative going to get off the ground?

Since a European Court of Human Rights judge blocked a plane from taking-off last time round, who can guarantee this won’t happen again? No one. Meanwhile, how are the French spending our half billion? Are the Channel crossings shuddering to a halt? Are the dinghies dramatically reducing in number? Are they hell.

The only way to put the brakes on this ongoing invasion by undocumented foreigners – most of whom are young men between the age of 18 and 34 – is to deter them, to send them a message that if they do reach Britain they will not succeed in staying.

Instead, the message we’re sending them is that although we might not be able to put them up in luxury hotels for much longer, they’ll still get free accommodation and food and £45 a week in benefits.

And while Rishi huffs and puffs about the scourge of illegal migrants, they are not treated as law-breakers.

While the gullible British authorities indulge their horror stories of fleeing war and torture even when many of them are untrue, they’re free to do what they want.

Thrust upon unsuspecting communities, thousands of young blokes milling around aimlessly is a recipe for disaster by a government whose only response is a desperate attempt to make the right noises.

Rishi has six months to realise that no amount of tough talking will be enough. We need to see the boats stopped on French beaches, to get value for money we gave them.

We need to stop pandering to people who have no right to be here… and get rid of them, kick them out of our country. Anything less and Sunak is sunk.