Just Stop Oil activists clash with police in London

Activists from Just Stop Oil blocking traffic in West London have clashed with police.

Video tweeted by the group shows protestors with banners being dragged by officers at the A4 in Kensington.

At 8am, 66 Just Stop Oil activists in four groups began marching on roads close to West Kensington station, including Cromwell Road, a major arterial route into London.

It follows disruption caused by 68 Just Stop Oil demonstrators across four bridges in London yesterday.

Metropolitan Police officers issued Section 12 conditions on the protest and moved activists off Waterloo Bridge, Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge.

Activist Stephanie Phoenix Smith, 35, a therapeutic care worker from Stroud, Gloucestershire, said: "Silence is compliance and I do not comply with this government's criminality. I can't watch everything that I love burn without saying that I tried to make a difference.

"We must act now or we risk losing everything. I don't want to be causing disruption, it's not a fun experience, but it's my duty as a citizen to bring attention to this unacceptable situation and to fight for a safe future for all."

The group has been carrying out action, including slow marches on major roads, every day since April 24 and has pledged that the action is indefinite until the government bans any new licences for gas, oil and coal.

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said in a statement: "This is the sixth week of our indefinite slow marching campaign. By now, the police ought to know that we will not get off the roads until the British Governments ends new oil and gas - simple as."

Ten Just Stop Oil supporters were also arrested in Parliament Square today after refusing to leave the road in line with Police orders.

The Metropolitan Police has spent £3.5 million policing the protests in the month from April 24 alone, on top of £7.5 million spent by the force dealing with JSO action between October and December last year.

Temporary assistant commissioner Matt Twist last week urged the public to wait for the police to deal with the demonstrations.

He said: "We absolutely understand why those who are caught up in traffic delays will be frustrated.

"I would urge the public not to intervene or take matters into their own hands, but to call the police, let us know where the incident is and we will get there quickly."