Are extreme members of the trans community alienating support for the LGBT movement?

A furious debate broke out on Piers Morgan Uncensored with Rosanna Lockwood about whether the LGBT movement should drop the 'T' to avoid tensions over trans issues.

Today marks the start of Pride month, which honours the Stonewall uprising in New York in 1969 when violent tension between police and patrons of a gay bar lead to days of unrest.

Rosanna asked the panel whether extreme members of the trans community are alienating support for the LGBT community.

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell argued that trans people have been around since the start of the gay rights movement.

"There are thousands of LGBT organisations in the UK that support including trans people in our coalition. Trans people were outside the Stonewall Inn in 1969 which saw the birth of the modern movement.

"They have always been part of our community and we should all stick together," he said. "United we stand, divided we fall."

Comedian James Barr denied there are strains within the LGBT community while suggesting "a small faction of people outside our community want to create a moral panic about trans people".

He added there are people hiding behind the transgender debate to "push forward their right wing agenda".

But Oli London, who is de-transitioning from a trans woman to a man, claimed trans activists have "hijacked" the LGBT community by pushing gender ideology onto children.

"I don't have an issue with trans people," he said. "My issue is with the radical trans activists who are pushing hormones on kids."

Oli added that after struggling with his own identity, he wants to stop children from making the same mistakes.

LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Jackson said lesbians are being subjected to homophobia in schools and over the internet, because they are told they "must be boys if they are attracted to women."

Ms Jackson said the 'T' in LGBT was added in 2015 without consulting lesbians.

"Many lesbians were unhappy about that," she said. "LGB is about relationships, it's about love and sex and who you are attracted to - it's about sexual orientation.

"'T' and 'Q' and all the other letters that have been added since then are about identity issues. They are completely separate and it has caused a lot of confusion. It's lesbians who have suffered from the addition of the 'T'".