This Morning: 'I still love Phillip Schofield': Alison Hammond breaks down in tears on air

This Morning presenter Alison Hammond broke down in tears while talking about her former colleague Phillip Schofield on air.

Ms Hammond, who has been co-hosting This Morning with Dermot O’Leary this week, said she was finding the situation "really painful" after Schofield confessed to an affair with a young colleague.

The TV personality said she "still loves" Schofield but "what he’s done is wrong".

Ms Hammond's comments come after Schofield gave his first interviews following his departure from ITV, in which the 61-year-old said he had “lost everything” and spoke about the “catastrophic effect” on his mind.

The former This Morning presenter said the fallout from the revelations had been “relentless” and urged the media to leave his former lover “alone now”.

Schofield resigned from ITV last week and was dropped by his talent agency YMU after admitting to the “unwise but not illegal” relationship with his young colleague.

TalkTV's Kevin O'Sullivan said: "Pass the sick bucket. Memo to Alison Hammond and everyone else that works at This Morning, can you please stop calling your nest of vipers programme 'a family'.

"If you are a family you are the most dysfunctional family in the history of families."

Kevin said those who work at This Morning are "delusional" about the situation they are in and they are taking the viewers for idiots.

Mike agreed by saying one of the main criticisms of Schofield and his former co-presenter Holly Willoughby is their "insincerity".

"All the cringe-making fake emotions they have been showing for years and years...including the time they weren't actually speaking to each other.

"It's all pretend and everybody is seeing through it", he added.