Just Stop Oil clash with furious motorists again

Activists from Just Stop Oil have clashed with motorists at Gunnersbury roundabout and in Vauxhall as drivers make their way into work.

At 8am, around 75 Just Stop Oil supporters, in four groups, began marching in West, East and South London. The team on Gunnersbury Lane in Chiswick was led by eight doctors.

Police arrested two Just Stop Oil supporters at Vauxhall, shortly after issuing  a Public Order Act (Section 12) notice. All marches were ended by police by 9:20am. Further marches are expected this morning. 

Twenty protesters carrying banners blocked the roundabout in Gunnersbury, causing commuters to force their way through the group.

The footage shows a frustrated cyclist ripping the banners from the activists and throwing them off the side of the road, as car horns blare loudly in the background.

The cyclist then shouts to the protesters: "You're all f****** losers!" before cycling off.

As the protesters slow-march in front of the traffic, cars can be seen driving onto pavements and onto road verges to get past them.

In Vauxhall, furious motorists can be seen storming out of their cars and stealing the activists' banners, with one man shouting at them to "get a f***** job".

This man then proceeds to physically shove the protesters off the road, slapping their phones out of their hands while telling them to "F*** off".

But the protesters were not deterred, with some of them sitting on the bonnets of cars to prohibit the vehicles from moving.