Cars 'should be limited to 20mph' to avoid e-scooter ban

Cars should be limited to 20mph to avoid a ban on e-scooters, according to a scooter boss.

Nationally, there has been an increasing trend of crashes and fatalities involving the devices.

The Department for Transport says 12 people died in collisions involving e-scooters – 11 of whom were e-scooter riders – in the year to June 2022.

That compared with four people killed, in the year ending June 2021.

The Government has previously pledged to bring in legislation for tighter health and safety rules around the use of the devices.

But Wayne Ting, boss of scooter company Lime, says cars are the problem.

“We know how to make riders safer and it is not by blaming modes of transport that are not creating serious accidents," he told the Daily Telegraph.

“The question is what is actually causing these accidents? We know how to improve safety; you slow down cars. In London, where they slowed the average car to 20mph they saw accidents go down.”

Hired e-scooters capped at 15.5 miles per hour and hired from apps like Lime and Dott can be be legally driven on public roads, while private e-scooters are banned from public roads and pavements in the UK.

Pedestrians have complained the devices take up pavement space and are anti-social.

“One accident is too many,” Mr Ting said. "Some people say we should ban scooters or e-bikes. But imagine if a person gets hit by a car and people say we should ban walking?

"We had 1.5 million unique riders in the UK [last year]. People are already using this as public transport.”

Legislation on scooters remains in limbo after the Government allowed e-scooter trials from mid-2020.

The Transport Bill, which may include amendments to free up scooter use, has been delayed several times and is now not expected until Parliament's next session in May 2023.