Climate protesters drenched while slowing traffic in London

Water appeared to be thrown from a balcony onto Just Stop Oil (JSO) protesters slow marching on a London road.

Footage captured six JSO demonstrators clad in orange Hi-Vis vests walking slowly up Rochester Road, Camden, north London, on Thursday morning.

The campaign group said: “At around 8am, 24 Just Stop Oil supporters, in four groups, began marching on key roads in Camden, Battersea, Wandsworth and Borough.

“At 8:10 a frustrated resident threw a bucket of water over a ‘mini-march’ of six people on Rochester Road in Camden.”

The protesters held signs that said “For my family”, “New Oil = Murder” and “I won’t die quietly”.

Lengthy beeping could be heard from vehicles stuck behind the slow marchers.

Protesters were sprayed with water, which was thrown on them from above.

Footage panned to a man shouting and swearing at the marchers from his balcony.

Ru Kenyon, a teacher from London who was marching on Thursday, said: “I hate causing disruption, but my conscience says I have to put myself in harm’s way by marching in the street, in the same way those demanding change have done for hundreds of years.”

Paul Bleach, a gardener and fulltime carer from Portsmouth, who was also on the streets on Thursday, said: “We are marching in the road because sadly all other forms of dissent are ignored.”

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