'Get out! The car's on fire!' Trapped woman is pulled screaming from burning wreckage

A police officer from Georgia has been commended for his bravery in saving a woman's life by pulling her from her burning car.

Sergeant Ashley Taylor was flagged down in Candler County by a passer-by who witnessed the red car leave Highway 46 and crash into woods before bursting into flames.

Taylor made his way through the brush to the crash scene and found the car enveloped in thick smoke before using his baton to smash a window where he found the unidentified woman screaming in panic.

Video filmed by the Deputy's body worn camera captures the dramatic moment he pulls her from the wreckage and frantically shouts: "Get out! The car's on fire! Give me your hand I'm here to help you!"

After dragging her to safety he returns to the vehicle to check if there are any passengers in the vehicle before asking a bystander to help carry the woman away from the scene.

Candler County Sheriff John Miles commended Sergeant Taylor for a "job well done".

Sergeant Ashley Taylor was commended for his bravery

"During a call for service on Saturday, July 1st. Sergeant Taylor responded to a motor vehicle crash on Highway 46 and discovered the vehicle was in the woods on fire," he said.

"Sergeant Taylor breached the window and removed the driver from the vehicle, potentially saving a life. Due to Sergeant Taylor’s swift actions, the driver was removed from a dangerous situation before it escalated.

"We would also like to thank the number of motorists that stopped to assist. Please join us in commending Sergeant Taylor for the outstanding job on this incident!"