Julia Hartley-Brewer: Matt Hancock lockdown files suggest politicians did not follow the science

Julia Hartley-Brewer has said the Matt Hancock 'lockdown files' confirm politicians were not "following the science" when making decisions during the Covid pandemic.

It comes after TalkTV's Isabel Oakeshott made public 100,000 WhatsApp messages exchanged when Mr Hancock was health secretary.

Her investigation with the Telegraph claims chief medical officer Professor Sir Chris Whitty told Mr Hancock in April 2020 there should be testing for “all going into care homes”.

The messages suggest Mr Hancock rejected the guidance, telling an aide the move just “muddies the waters” and introduced mandatory testing only for those coming from hospitals.

A spokesman for Mr Hancock has said: “These stolen messages have been doctored to create a false story that Matt rejected clinical advice on care home testing. This is flat wrong.”

Julia said: "They didn't care about saving lives, they cared about their egos, their political reputations and their careers - yes I'm talking to you Matt Hancock!

"That's not just careless, that's not just ruthless, some might say that's borderline criminal behaviour."