'She's no mother': Brighton community angry at Constance Marten and Mark Gordon as search for their baby continues 

By TalkTV reporter Oliver Whitfield-Miočić in Brighton

Residents in the area where Constance Marten and Mark Gordon were arrested on Monday evening have urged the parents to tell the police where their missing baby can be found. 

“I can’t understand why she can’t say where that baby is, she is no mother is she?” a pensioner called Jean said as she waited at a bus stop.

Another resident waiting for the bus told me: “I think they should let the police know where the baby is, because how can a new-born survive in cold weather like this? I don’t think people like that should have kids.”

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon were arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter and child neglect after avoiding the authorities for 53 days. 

The police have been searching for the couple and their baby since the start of January, when their burning car was found on a motorway near Bolton.

Authorities believe Constance Marten gave birth in the vehicle and on Tuesday said “the couple went to great lengths to hide the pregnancy originally.” 

Since the car was found the pair have been spotted in Manchester, Liverpool, Essex, London and Sussex. 

More than 200 officers have been searching a 91-square mile area from Brighton to Newhaven where the couple were last seen in January.

Today, officers went door-to-door asking residents for CCTV or sightings of the nomadic parents. Volunteers from the charity London Search and Rescue have been searching woodland.

Exasperated homeowners from Hollingdean, Brighton say a huge amount of police resources are being diverted from other areas where they could be better used. 

Local mother Eva Suleiman told TalkTV: “It’s not good at all. Police officers could be helping other people if the parents would just say where the baby is. It’s terrible, I just don’t understand it.”

This is a community with many questions. Why did the couple specifically come here? Why are they refusing to co-operate with the police? And most importantly - where is the new-born baby who everyone is concerned about?