Snake on a train: Passengers recoil as reptile rides train from Skipton to Leedssss

Passengers on a train travelling from Skipton to Leeds were left shocked after discovering they were sharing a carriage with a 1.5m snake.

Photos and videos of the reptile were shared online before the snake, now nicknamed Noodles, was removed from the train by the RSPCA at Leeds.

The travelling serpent was believed to be a corn snake, a species of non-venomous snake originating from North Africa. They are one of the most commonly kept exotic pets in the UK.

It is presumed Noodles had been abandoned by its owner and is now being looked after by a specialist.

Northern rail firm said a conductor was alerted to the snake at about 15:30 BST.

"The conductor's priority was the safety of our customers and for the wellbeing of the snake," a spokesperson said.

"They ensured the area of the train was cleared, and were met at Leeds station by a team who safely took the snake off the train."