Caught on camera: Policeman leaps off bridge to avoid high-speed car crash

A dashboard camera captured the moment a Colorado State Patrol (CSP) trooper leaped off a bridge to avoid being struck by a vehicle in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 22.

The crash happened on Interstate 270 in Adams County, and the driver was the second to crash into the same accident scene, the CSP said in a press release emailed to Storyful.

The CSP said they were initially working a property damage crash when a Jeep moving at high speed struck the side of a parked, unoccupied CSP cruiser. The driver of the Jeep sustained minor injuries and was arrested for DUI, they said.

About 45 minutes later, a third crash, which was captured in this video, happened when a driver came upon the crash scene while speeding and ran over “multiple traffic cones in the right lane that were positioned to warn oncoming traffic,” the CSP said. As the driver swerved to avoid other vehicles, Trooper Kevin Bagley leaped over a railing, falling over 30 feet onto a river bank where he sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

“He was discharged on Sunday, July 23, and will begin his long recovery at home,” the CSP said. The driver, Cesar Ayala Manriquez, also sustained injuries but had since been discharged from the hospital. He was facing charges of “Vehicular Assault – DUI,” police said.

CSP chief Matthew Packard said in a press conference on Monday that CSP patrol vehicles have been struck by motorists 12 times so far this year. Eight CSP vehicles were hit by drivers in all of 2022, Packard said.